A New Leaf Redesign

The Problem

Current website violates cognitive principles, making it harder for customers to way-find.


A New Leaf // http://www.anewleaffloristshoppe.com/


1 month


Maney Orm (UX Designer, Visual Designer), Micah Smith (UX Researcher) , Howard Tam (UX Researcher), Isadora Parker (UX Researcher), Renee Klemmer (UX Researcher)

The Solution

Create a new brand identity through restructure of logo and digital UI redesign for desktop web that abides to cognitive theories.

home page_gray.png


The company is a storefront based in Bellingham, Washington, which sells plants and flowers to consumers in the area. The website seems to provide a portfolio for the shop. Since they provide floral services for events, their website gives them the ability to show potential clients pictures and descriptions of past work. Their website also provides information on their location, hours of operation, pricing, and other special offers. They also enable people to connect with them through Instagram and Facebook. The current site is visually unappealing and hard to navigate. Various violations of human cognition make it difficult for users to find what they’re looking for. We want their website to be a better representation of their business and operate as a digital portfolio, rather than using pictures as decorations. Customers should be able to easily make price inquiries and place online orders, a system not yet implemented in the current site.

Initial Home Page


Current problems with the website are as follows: when users navigate the site, the titles of tabs do not always align with the information they contain. For instance, “Flowers” leads to their Instagram presence. And “Weddings” leads to a paragraph which directs them to click on another link, which leads to another paragraph redirecting to another link. The information is difficult to read because of the light color scheme. The information on the page is jumbled and the important contact information bar moves around the page depending on which tab the user clicks on.


Final Designs (To A/B Test Against Old Website)

Initial Product Landing Page

Methods of Proposed Study

We will be using A/B testing, a method that comparing two or more versions of the product and find out which version the participants will perform better on by assigning participants randomly to either the original version of the website or the new version of the website. We will be using A/B testing to test out which version of the website will be better to the customers. Participants will be asked to do a list of tasks. Researchers will be keeping tracks of the time of how long it takes to complete the task and also how many times the participant miss-clicked. By comparing the data between the new and the old version of the website, we can determine if the changes of the website have positive or even negative effects on the users.

Main Products Landing Page

Weddings & Events Landing Page

Contact Page

Contact Page