An app promoting productivity for students.


THE PROBLEM: Motivate students (users) to stay off their phone and promote productivity. 

CLIENT: Students at Western Washington University 

TIMELINE: 3 months 

TEAM: Maney Orm (Visual Designer, Interaction Designer), Victor Mai (Developer), Summer Turner (Developer) 

SOLUTION: In attempt to increase productivity within the student life at Western, PAUSE was born. PAUSE is a phone lockout gaming system, in which a person will raise their dog while increasing their productivity. Users will “PAUSE” their phone, which will lock their phone and keep them from using other distracting applications on their phone. Users also have an option to sets your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode while keeping the tracking up. Time spent locked will go towards raising your dog as they will grow as you spend time paused.



When designing our app we wanted to keep the design clean and straightforward. We kept this in mind while making our initial design for the app and interviewed various students around campus. We asked them about questions relating to their phone usage and if they saw their phone as a source of distraction when they are working. Following up these questions, we asked them about certain features of our app and their opinion on things they liked/things that could be improved.


After reviewing the responses for our interviews, we found that there is a disconnect for motivation to use our app. Many of the people we interviewed noted that their desire to use the app would be mostly linked to interaction with the dog. Some also suggested useful features such as a automated scheduler for “pausing” your phone and a whitelist of applications that included your calling app.

Our peers also gave feedback on our design, which we implemented in the final version. After hearing the initial round of feedback and interviews we made changes to navigation and UI elements and implemented a store that users can buy things that benefit their dog such as reducing the time it takes to fully raise them.


Why is this problem important?

Many people spend too much time on their phones while they are trying to be productive. Even just repeatedly checking the time on your phone can ruin focus. This app will help to add motivation to not checking your phone.

Target Demographic

Young Adolescent Teens to Young Adults (12-late 20’s)

  • All genders

  • Tech oriented

  • Attending school/ college and in need of less distractions while doing important activities


Future Implementation

In the future we want to implement some of the features that some of our interviewees mentioned such as an automated scheduler and a whitelist. We also hope to include more types of dogs along with a “study break” feature that students can use to take a break from studying to play games with their dog. We also hope to have more extensive data collection to find more measures of productivity and for other statistics related to the “study breaks”.