I'm Maney (pronounced Man-EE). I’m currently working as a Jr. User Interface Designer for Anthropologie in Philadelphia. I’ve found my purpose as a designer is to create sensible and smarter user flows that enhance natural customer interactions and experiences. My process tends to be as scrappy as possible with an emphasis on fast iteration and quick feedback. I believe that as a designer, I have an extremely important social and ethical responsibility to improve and positively impact the lives of people around the world through continuous growth, learning, curiosity, and empathy in the field.

In my spare time, people can catch me at a concert with friends, exploring different local restaurants, snapping a photo, or traveling afar. I have a huge heart for street culture and style and love making connections with people. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or questions regarding my work.

Photography is another creative outlet that I love. Here are some photos I’ve taken.